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Thrive Professionally with Our Business Consulting Services

Banner Cross uses a whole systems approach to business transformation that starts with a deep, foundational knowledge of what it takes to establish and sustain a company in the Pacific Northwest. Our systemic focus considers the people, processes, structures, information, and technologies required to enable small, urban, and multicultural companies and their leadership to not only improve, but to, according to Roger Martin, the Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, "get different!" "Getting different" means learning how to turn your information into knowledge, attract funding and high-performance people to your business, foster a vigorous and innovative workplace, and sustain a dynamic and creative design process. Contact us in Seattle, Washington, to learn more about our small, multicultural business consulting.  Contact us as well to have our leader, Dr. Skip Rowland, speak at your company.

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Individual & Organizational Development

The following services support for-profit and not-for-profit and public sector organizations and individuals looking to transform the ways they think and work with others. We offer the following training formats:

Large Groups (Theatre Style) | Small Groups (Classroom Style) | 4 - 10 Person Salons | 1-on-4 Coaching | 1-on-1 Mentoring

Competitive Career Development

Banner Cross helps you navigate the challenging process of a radical career change. We offer a unique, design-oriented approach to ignite your career and drive the passion that energizes you to find your personal mission and develop a fulfilling career.

Competitive Career Development for Transitioning Service Members

Members of the armed forces benefit from our workshop, which enables them to transition from the military culture to the competitive civilian workforce. Our training teaches service members how to:

Shift From a "Service Mindset" to an "Entrepreneurial Mindset" | Prepare for a Competitive Job Search | Identify & Recruit Mentors | Designate Job Shadowing & Apprenticeships | Gain Opportunities, Along with Internships

Military Man

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Business Development

Let us guide your business successfully through interactions within the four societal institutions: economic/financial, educational, political, and cultural. With our guidance, you can improve your company's day-to-day operations, including the intake of information, as well as employee structure, all to radically accelerate growth.

Economic Development

Banner Cross offers innovative and practical approaches to business and economic development for clients in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. We have extensive experience in multicultural economic and business development in the Pacific Northwest, and work with International Chambers of Commerce and business groups. Our consulting services include:

Research & Evaluation | Community Planning & Consultation | Strategic Planning & Development | Training & Capacity Building | Community-Based Economic Development | Facilitation | Feasibility Studies | Business Development

Personal Development

Learn how to apply whole systems design principles and practices to personal development and fulfillment. Our extensive research and unique experience in the brain/body continuum enables you to discover your personal "inside-out" identity to improve your social life and career development options.

Team Building

Our approach to team building is a proven method that enables a diversity-inclusive workplace that attracts and engages employees and harnesses the full power of both creativity and productivity. Contact us to find out more.